Sister Cassia is based in Dubai, UAE and is a family affair; 

each family member plays a crucial role in the development, design and outcome of each and every bath bomb,

soap, shampoo, conditioner ...

Sister Cassia only uses quality sustainably sourced oils. 

And where fortunate, organic is preferred. 

The olive oils are extra virgin, the Shea butter & cocoa

are sourced from reputable fair trade companies.

Where possible the herbs are ethically harvested. 

The fragrance oils are Phthalate and Nitro Musk free,

meaning even the youngest of bathers can enjoy the

range Sister Cassia has on offer.


These products are handmade with love and considerable care.


Yes, we know you hear that all the time. 

But Dianne is a mum and very conscious of what

ingredients are used in bath and body products. 

Her family's health and well-being are on the top

of her priorities and she brings that through in

her products, so you can be sure

your family is safe too.

"Quality over Quantity"

ensures you, the select customer is privy to their

exclusive and unique products.



Dubai - UAE

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