Bath bombs & Soaps

All our bath bombs and soaps are child friendly.  And can be enjoyed by the whole family.  The bath and body products are made by hand and are unique.  Our fragrance oils are of the highest quality. 

No phthalates and no nitro musk.

As we are always updating our range pop on over to see what's new.


Delightful delicate scent of tea. 

30.00 Aed

Red & White Pokémon 

Made with Grape Seed oil. 

Toys are hidden inside.

40 Aed

Dark Amber


Masculine, rich, warm, earthy with hints of patchouli.

30 Aed



Will be back for xmas.

Cactus Blossom

Hints of vanilla, rich, sensual and perfume-y. 

30 Aed

Blue & White Pokémon 

Each bath bomb has a hidden toy.

Scented in a light, fresh fragrance.

40 Aed

Super hero (white)

Luv Marvel & DC, then these are for you.  Mini characters from multi verses. 

40 Aed

Sugar Skull

Invigorating Rosemary scented skull bath bombs.

20 Aed

Super hero (blue)

Marvel & DC!!

40 Aed

Dark Skull

Holy oils of Frankincense & Myrrh.  A little sweet, a little dark!

20 Aed

Mini Super Soaps


Red Skull

Bath Bomb

20 Aed


Fresh sea breeze with a blend of saltiness & moss.

40 Aed

Dark Souls

Patchouli, black pepper, grapefruit and more organic essential oils.

35 Aed


Lilacs and delicate white flowers.

40 Aed


Organic Frankincense essential oil.

35 Aed  


Organic lavender essential oil.  

35 Aed


Coffee & Cardamom.

35 Aed

Snow Witch

Ice cold fragrance of snow on fir trees with hints of warm patchouli.

35 Aed

Werewolf Oil

Full moon got you down, feeling agro and need to be alone?  Use oils (in the bath) rich in spice, vanilla & sweetness to calm the inner beast.

 50 Aed


Sensual and warm.

35 Aed

Witch Oil

Nourishing bath oil scented in sensual flowers.  Let the mind escape the mundane.

50 Aed


Pink Himalayan salt, organic rose & geranium essential oils.

35 Aed


Dubai - UAE

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