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Let us speak of Candle Magic.

Herbs themselves have some power. Intent is great to a certain extent, stones and oils also play a role. AND SO TOO DO CANDLES. (Consider who you buy yours' from, do they have experience or any knowledge?)


BLACK candles speaking from a Hollywood point of view are evil. Oh please! Black is the color of protection. Think of your dark colored healing stones. Obsidian & Dark Quartz is for protection and grounding, ergo black is protection. However we can't always find true black candles. So we add stones, essential oils and other items to add that extra oomph. Sure if your path is dark black could be your universal color.

BLUE CANDLES: (true, not just dyed on the outside)

These are used for communication workings with the Archangel Gabriel. BLUE is also used for healing, obtaining the truth and for establishing harmony in the home. Blue energy should be used on Thursdays & Monday.

GREEN CANDLES: (true not just dyed on the outside)

Are for love, new beginnings, luck, finance, harmony, fidelity, lust. GREEN candles worked on the day of love being Friday in the hour of Venus have that extra power.

ORANGE CANDLES: (still true here...)

This is for creativity, be it physical or mental. Believe it or not it's also great for sex!

The enthusiasm, lust wanting etc... essential oil of Orange is often used with this color to empower a more sexual attitude. Workings on Sunday (the first day of the week) is best. Use your #Sacralchakra to charge your candles for lusty enterprises.

RED CANDLES: (yeah still true...)

This is all about energy here. Consider Vitality, strength, power, athletic desire and passion. Tuesday the day of Mars rules RED. Work with your #ROOTCHAKRA.

YELLOW CANDLES: (not going to repeat myself)

This one is all about tests and exams, intelligence and intellect. It's the left brain here. Speech and writing, as well as gossip and slander. Mercury rules with the color YELLOW and Wednesday is His day. However for communication consider Sunday.

WHITE CANDLES: (Got it?..)

WHITE candles are for cleansing, purity and well pretty much every thing. If you do not have colored candles WHITE will suffice.

Just make sure your essential oils, herbs, healing stones, and intent correspond with your needs. Sure, you will find candles in a market but they may be made by newbie's or wannabe's. So go for pure SOY that #sistercassis sells, she has the know how and experience - or make your own. I am Sure #SisterCassisa will share that recipe with you. She uses only pure natural soy wax, but adds the corresponding oils, charged stones and more. She knows all about ritual candles.


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